Supporting Regional and Rural Australia

As a WISP or smaller carrier, we are here to support you and make sure you can deliver your services to every corner of Australia in the most cost effective way possible.

As a leading neutral host tower company, we own all of our facilities and have made it easier for smaller companies to choose to co-locate with Stilmark through flexible licencing arrangements and a willingness to partner with you as your network grows.

While our portfolio expands every year through our build to suit programs and acquisitions, we also support WISPS and other smaller carriers as an infrastructure partner through government grant programs such as the Regional Connectivity Program or other state grant programs.

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Why co-locate on a Stilmark site?

Turnkey capability.

Our offer ranges from simply providing space on our sites, through to full installation and commissioning of equipment.

Rapid turnaround.

We have the fastest turnaround times for access applications in Australia – applications are processed in days, not months.


Depending on your type of installation, we have a range of fair and flexible licences, designed to fit all scenarios.

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