Co-locating on a Stilmark site is fast and simple. Whether you would like to get access to our entire portfolio or simply wish to install lightweight, low impact equipment on a single site, our sales team has the experience and flexibility to offer a package suited to your needs.

Our Sites

We are working to make getting access to our sites and available space easier then ever. For now, please get in touch with our sales team to learn more about our built and upcoming sites as well as to express interest in partnering with us around fibre or rooftop locations

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Why co-locate on a Stilmark site?

Turnkey capability

Our offer ranges from simply providing space on our sites, through to full installation and commissioning of equipment.

Rapid turnaround

We have the fastest turnaround times for access applications in Australia – applications are processed in days, not months.


Depending on your type of installation, we have a range of fair and flexible licences, designed to fit all scenarios.

Optional co-location services

We can provide a range of co-location value-added services, depending on your needs

Planning approvals

Our engineering staff include professional planners and drafts-people to support your deployment.

Site design and documentation

End to end support of all design and documentation required for your co-location.

Site kiosk

Smaller carriers can utilise our rack space in pre-built enclosures

Installation and commissioning

Our installation and commissioning capability is available for our co-location tenants.

Legacy site decommissioning

We can ensure a seamless departure from previous tenancies including supporting your make-good obligations

Power delivery

Stilmark can manage the complexity of power delivery, whether it’s a permanent or temporary site, a remote site using solar, or a site in transition.

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