Asset Management

Stilmark, through our wholly owned subsidiary Wireless Asset Partners™, provides specialised asset management services to property owners, REITS and other infrastructure owners. As a property owner, managing the security and integrity of your assets is becoming increasingly complex as carriers look to roll out 5G services through more points of presence, and tenants look to install more nbn and fixed line connections to service their office and working spaces.


Working with Wireless Asset Partners means having a dedicated consultative service to manage the full range of LAAN and design issues that face property owners today.

Facilitate nbn connections

We have developed relationships with major nbn sub contractors to make sure the correct access and design decisions are made during installations at your property.

Building induction and OHSE policy control

We understand that each building is unique and have developed our service to ensure that all visitors follow your access policies and procedures.

Day to day support from a dedicated contact

Our in house NOC and support team are available on a day to day basis to answer any question you may have about telecommunications services installed on your property.

In building network design

As part of our network design service, we optimise the footprint of telecommunications installations at your property and ensure that carriers comply with the Telecommunications Act, including the removal of redundant infrastructure.

Easy administration through our portal

Our in house software has been built from the ground up to offer a single source of truth to manage the telecommunication installations on your property.

Direct relationships with the telecommunication industry

We provide management services to over 100 properties across Australia. Through this and our carrier focused offerings, we have developed relationships with every major carrier and subcontractor that is involved in the deployment of nbn and 5G across Australia.

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